The truth about the lockdown with kids – Covid 19

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We’re all in this together. Nobody could have imagined the day when we wouldn’t be able to leave our homes, visit family and friends or even take the kids to the local play area. As much as we might all have great ideas for juggling homeschooling and working from home, here are the 5 things we’ve learnt from all of this. 

Plan each day – yeah right 

People say take 10 minutes to plan the next day and for a successful day. However, those people with genius ideas obviously don’t know your kids. Some days they wake up ready and raring to give everything a go and other days not so excited. 

We can plan activities to keep them occupied, schedule in homeschooling and time at the park, but let’s face it, it never goes 100% to plan. If it works for other people then we’re incredibly jealous and would love to have a few tips.

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We can’t become teachers overnight

As much as we’d like to think we can educate our kids it is becoming impossible. We can’t homeschool our kids to the level they would at school and it is impossible to think that we could. 

Whilst the kids are at home they can learn lots of new skills that they wouldn’t necessarily learn at school. From making cupcakes to helping in the garden, there’s a lot of life skills to be learnt. Plus, by planning out a few chores for the kids not only do they develop essential skills, but it might also just give you 10 minutes of peace. 

Tik Tok has taken over

If Tiktok hasn’t taken over your home then can you help us out? Whether you’re watching them, filming them or editing them, Tiktok has become a big part of everyday life during lockdown.

Whether they’re making their own videos or watching other people’s, Tiktok can entertain your kids for literally hours. 

Tablet time is ok

If the kids are driving you completely insane and nothing is taking their interest then a bit of time on their tablets is okay. It keeps them occupied, safe and most importantly gives you a little bit of sanity too! 

Homeschooling and entertaining kids is hugely demanding, so why not let them unwind and relax on their tablet. If you are concerned about the amount of screen time they are getting then just remember that it won’t last forever and you can always encourage more educational games rather than Youtube or Tiktok. 

Embrace everything

It’s important to remember that nothing like this has ever happened before. It is potentially a once in a lifetime situation and its important to embrace what is going on. Embrace homeschooling, spending time with your kids, exploring outside or stressing out at home, you’ll look back at this time with some great memories. 

Even though Boris Johnson has begun to set out plans to come out of this global pandemic, we don’t know exactly how this will happen and how long we’ll be left in the current situation. At Kids Beds Online we take our hats off to each and every parent out there trying to juggle homeschooling, working from home and simply try to keep sane. You’re doing an amazing job!

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