There’s a cabin bed for every age

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Cabin beds are really versatile bedroom solutions, with multi-use designs underneath the bed’s platform which is used for storage. Ultimately, cabin beds come in a wide range of designs, formations and sleek features so there’s a perfect bed out there for every child. 

With cabin beds there is no one size fits all approach, there are hundreds of different designs and formations to make sure that you can find the perfect solution for any shaped room. With cabin beds its important to think outside the box and find a design you know they will love but it’s important to consider their age and the duration of the bed when you’re picking out a style.


Cabin beds are the ultimate bed solution for adventurous toddlers. Toddlers will get endless amounts of fun out of a cabin bed, especially if it incorporated a theme they love. 

Many toddlers like to make dens and play with tents, slides and tunnels, for which the cabin bed is the perfect addition. We have a range of Cabin beds that have tents underneath the bed which are brilliant for developing imaginative playing and also provide a great place to store toys when they are not in use. 

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stompa duo 7 midsleeper 2 1116 p 1

Primary School Age Child

For many primary school-aged children a cabin bed is a great investment as it is so versatile to a child’s needs. They provide plenty of storage for toys and games but can also incorporate functional working areas such as desks, perfect for when they need to get their homework done or get a craft activity done in peace. 

It’s the perfect solution to mixing sleeping, homework and playtime in your child’s bedroom and there are so many designs for both girls and boys.

Older child and teens

Older children will definitely be more interested in the cabin beds purely because of the storage space it can provide them. They may no longer want a theme, integrated desk or play area under their bed but they’ll appreciate the space and flexibility it provides. 

Many beds, including the Stompa Duo 8, have a range of storage solutions that allows you to maximise the space in their bedroom and potentially provide space for a gaming chair or dressing table that they really want. 

With cabin beds, there are so many solutions for even the most awkward of bedroom shapes. They’re ideal to maximise the floor space in a bedroom, especially when you have two kids sharing one bedroom. 

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