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Not heard of a day bed before? The name might suggest a bed designed for lounging around in all day but in fact, a day bed is a French-inspired design that encases the mattress on three sides, making it the perfect hybrid of a sofa and a bed. 

Day beds make the perfect addition to a spare bedroom, home office, playroom or perhaps even a living room. The three-sided design is synonymous with day beds. They appear at first as a sofa but the incorporated head and foot ends to create a hybrid structure between a sofa and a standard bed. If you’re looking for multifunctional furniture for your home then look no further!

Ideal for guests

You’ll find day beds to be the ultimate in-home office or spare bedroom beds. They often take up a lot less space than a traditional sofa bed and look a lot sleeker than a chunky sofa. As the mattress is a full-size single (with an additional mattress often available underneath to pull out into a king or super king mattress for two people) it is more generous than a sofa bed, so you’ll know your guests will be comfy and able to relax. 

Plus, they’re a lot less hassle than having to get the blow-up mattress out every time someone stays over.

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Easy to style

Day beds can look far from a bed if you style it right with luxurious cushions and throws. You can make it look warm and cosy with rich tones and range of soft throws ready for you to cuddle up on or you can style it up with light and bright linens to give it a soft and airy feel. 

A few simple changes can completely change the look of the day bed and the atmosphere it brings to the room. It can look nothing like a bed until the person using it is ready to go to sleep if that’s the look you want to achieve. 

Great for teens

Day beds aren’t simply reserved for guest beds, they often make a great addition to a teenage bedroom. The design of a day bed looks more mature than a simple single bed in their bedrooms and helps to create a more grownup space. 

Plus, a day bed provides lots of additional seating when your teenager invites their friends around and keeps them out of your living room. 

Wide range of styles

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from using a day bed as an everyday bed. Day beds come in a wide range of styles and sizes, so you’ll find the perfect option for your bedroom. There’s often plenty of storage in a day bed, so if you’re short on space or storage solutions then you might want to consider the benefits of a day bed. 

Day beds are the ultimate in versatile sleeping solutions. Whether you style them as a bed or a sumptuous deep sofa in the living room or as an extra in your home office, they provide the perfect place to sleep the night away.

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