Thuka beds Vs Stompa beds

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We often get asked how to decide between some of our most popular brands of kids beds and honestly we understand just how difficult that is. Deciding between a Thuka bed and a Stompa bed is difficult when both brands offer so much in terms of kids beds and the options they can provide to any bedroom. 


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Stompa has been manufacturing kids beds since 1960, so with a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that they put into each and every bed they create, developing bedroom furniture that includes bunk beds, high sleepers, mid sleepers, single beds and cabin beds to create the ultimate luxury kids bedroom. 

They have a wide range of designs and solutions to work for almost any bedroom set up, aiming to make small rooms larger and to offer children’s beds and furniture with unique features. 



Thuka beds

Thuka is a Danish company with all of its beds produced from the finest Scandinavian Pine which is sourced from sustainable forests. Each bed is treated with either a lacquer or whitewash finish to provide 2 sleek and durable styles of kids beds. 

Thuka are renowned for producing stylish bedroom furniture for any age child and pride itself on providing simple solutions for every bedroom. From creative mid sleepers in fabulous colours and play themes to bunk beds perfect for a relaxed teen bedroom. Their distinctive designs and inevitable quality produce beds that you can rely on for years to come.


thuka hit 4 midsleeper kids bed 100 p 1Who’s better?

Whether you’re buying a new bed for a little boy or girl; both Thuka beds and Stompa beds will make bedtime even more fun for your little ones and inspire their young imaginations. Both bed brands can often be changed and adapted to suit a growing child, which for any parent the flexibility is a huge added bonus as kids grow so quick. For us we can’t decide which brand we prefer as they both offer so much in terms of quality and design, so making your mind up won’t get any easier. 




How can you decide?

Deciding between Thuka beds and Stompa is no easy challenge, however, it may be important to consider how you play on using the bed in the next 5 years and how this fits into the bed design. A certain high sleeper might be great for now, but consider your 16-year-old in 5 years time, will it still be the most practical solution? It is also important to consider your current room layout and any potential future rooms you may be aware of, especially when considering a mid sleeper or high sleeper as the layout of the bed may impact the practicalities if moved later on.

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