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Ultimate kids bed: Gaming beds and desks

We have some great gaming beds that allow space to fit your screens to create the ultimate gaming bedroom. Perfect for the dedicated gamers; some of our high beds have space for more than one screen for the full visual experience or maybe a high bed with screen space underneath and a cosy sofa chair to settle into while you link up and play with friends.

The concept of gaming beds are new to the market, but provide the perfect bedroom hybrid for any budding gamer or enthusiast. 


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One of the biggest benefits of gaming beds and desks is that it significantly reduced the amount of floor space required to have both. High sleepers provide maximum storage solutions and usable space that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. A high sleeper gaming bed offers more usable space underneath the bed for older children in comparison to mid sleepers as they can often include desks that are highly flexible and versatile spaces as and when your child becomes more independent. 


How do gaming beds and desks work?

Gaming beds and desks allow you to combine both bedroom essentials into one compact solution and avoid overcrowding in any bedroom. Each Gaming bed has been designed with study and gaming in mind, allowing the two to combine seamlessly. The full desk fits under the high bed, which allows plenty of space for plenty of screens and gaming needs of any avid gamer. A generously sized ergonomically designed desktop below accommodates the keyboard, mouse, controllers or PC. The beds also include a remote-controlled LED light strip to create mood/task lighting to bring the gaming vibe and provided some much-needed light whilst concentrating hard. 

Gaming beds also come with a lot of the added advantages of a traditional high sleeper too, such as handy storage options below the desktop, including pull out drawers and large cupboards to neatly store away any equipment or hobbies. Plus, a gaming desk can also double up as a workspace for homework or the dreaded homeschooling in the event this needs to happen again. 


desk 2 1024x1024Manufacturers offer clear guidelines for proper use to ensure that your child remains free from accident or harm. Due to their extra height as compared to a traditional single bed, high sleepers above gaming desks do propose a greater risk of an accident if they are not used properly, so it’s important to run through the guidelines with your child and only move your child into a high sleeper when you believe it is appropriate for your child, however eager they are to get a gaming bed. As long as safety guidelines are followed correctly, there is no danger to your child.