The High sleeper – The ultimate kids bed

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The high sleeper is every kid’s dream bed. Kids absolutely love the idea of sleeping on the top bunk and having a fun and practical space underneath to enjoy during the day. There’s just something very exciting to a child about sleeping on the top bunk! 

High sleepers are the ultimate in space-saving solutions and multifunctional furniture, you’d struggle to find anything more versatile for your home. With a raised sleeping area, the area beneath the high bed can be utilised for children’s storage, study, relaxation and sleep.

How do high sleepers work?

A high sleeper is set high off the ground, with a large and useable open space underneath which can accommodate a desk area for studying, a sofa bed, storage cupboards, a bookshelf, wardrobe and much much more. High sleepers offer the ultimate in storage solutions, by making maximum use of the available bedroom space and providing room for larger items of furniture.

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Endless design solutions

There are so many design and layout solutions with a bunk bed. Whether you’re wanting 1 or 2 beds, space for storage, desks, seating area or a pullout third bed, there are so many space-saving solutions available. 

High sleepers really do provide the ultimate bedroom solution with complete flexibility, there’s a high sleeper out there to suit every child and every bedroom, no matter what the size. However, when you’re shopping for your high sleeper it is important to shop with specific storage and ideas in mind to ensure that the space underneath is optimised cleverly and isn’t wasted. 

The dream bed

To nearly all kids high sleepers are the bed of dreams. We all dreamed of an exciting bed when we were younger and your kids are no different. The additional vertical space allows kids to spark their imagination and turn the beds into a space to play and enjoy. Kids often love the idea of sleeping on the top bunk too as it is exciting!

Storage galore

Keeping your kid’s bedroom organised and neat can be a challenge at the best of times, but if you don’t have enough storage it’s a near-impossible task. High sleepers are a smart solution for rooms where space is limited, maximising floor space and making it easy to reduce clutter.

For an all-in-one solution that’s ideal for fashion-conscious teens, we love the Mont Blanc High Sleeper Bed. Not only does it feature a desk, drawers, wardrobe and more shelves than your child is likely to have stuff for. It is also perfect for kids as they grown into teens as it is sleek and ageless. 

We have a wide range of high sleepers that your kids will love. If you’re not sure which bed to choose then please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to share our expert advice!

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