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Your favourite beds so far this year!

As we almost reach the halfway mark this year, we’re looking to see what your favourite bed choices are so far this year. Plus, some of them are our favourites too so we love talking about them and sharing ideas. In no particular order, lets see what your favourite beds are so far in 2021! 


The race car of dreams 

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Start up your engines and get ready to speed off to the land of nod! The striking scorpion racer bed is the bed of dreams for most

little race car lovers and so far this year it is no exception. Bringing a huge amount of excitement and imagination to bedtime every night, we’ve been told by parents over and over how much their kids love getting into bed each night. 

You don’t have to be 17 years old to drive this beauty with realistic features, this bed will provide hours of fun and a place of security for the nights sleep ahead, your little one will be racing to get to bed.


Thuka Modern high sleeper beds 

Thuka beds have a brilliant range of high sleepers that are perfect for children through to teenagers. With sleek designs that can adapt as your child grows and practical solutions that can be used for a wide range of hobbies and interests. With modern desk spaces for homework, crafts and space for computing, the beds are versatile to suit a child with a wide range of interests. You can be sure that a Thuka high sleeper provides the ideal solution for any child’s bedroom.


Multi Use furniture 

Whether it’s a bed with plenty of storage, a dressing table that can double as a desk or a chair that can fold down into a bed, it is important to think about furniture versatility. As home schooling was extended unexpectedly again, we saw the popularity in versatile and usable bedroom furniture really grow and you can easily see why. 


As a parent we all know that bedroom furniture isn’t cheap so it is important to buy items that will last the test of time. Plus as a shared bedroom we know that it can be difficult if you’re tight on floor space to fit everything in, so multi use furniture is essential. 



nordic playhouse bed 2 kids bed 2 92 p 1A playhouse can provide endless fun for any child, whether it’s in the living room, garden or even under their own bed. Our range of mid sleepers provides the ultimate place to create a child’s own playhouse and it’ll be even more exciting at a family member’s home! The under bed playhouse provides the ultimate space in imaginative play and the ideal place to hide away toys when they need to be out of sight when they’re not staying and will give you ultimate bonus points in their eyes. 


Whether your child is obsessed with unicorns, LOL Dolls, pink in general or even the new craze of Tiktok, you can find the perfect way to incorporate their passion into their bedroom. Have a search online and you will be able to find the perfect bedding and accessories to make a feature in their brand new girly bedroom.