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Multifunctional day bed chic Read More

Multifunctional day bed chic

Not heard of a day bed before? The name might suggest a bed designed for lounging around in all day but in fact, a day bed is a French-inspired design that encases the mattress on three sides, making it the perfect hybrid of a sofa and a bed.  Day beds make the perfect addition to a spare bedroom, home office, playroom or perhaps even a living room. The three-sided design is synonymous with day beds. They appear at first as a sofa but the incorporated head and foot ends to create a hybrid structure between a sofa and a standard bed. If you’re looking for multifunctional furniture for your home then look no further! Ideal for guests You’ll find day beds to be the ultimate in-home office or spare bedroom beds. They often take up a lot less space than a traditional sofa bed and look a lot sleeker than a chunky sofa. As the mattress is a full-size single (with an additional mattress often available underneath to pull out into a king or super king mattress for two people) it is more generous than a sofa bed, so you’ll know your guests will be comfy and able to relax.  Plus, they’re a...

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There’s a cabin bed for every age Read More

There’s a cabin bed for every age

Cabin beds are really versatile bedroom solutions, with multi-use designs underneath the bed's platform which is used for storage. Ultimately, cabin beds come in a wide range of designs, formations and sleek features so there’s a perfect bed out there for every child.  With cabin beds there is no one size fits all approach, there are hundreds of different designs and formations to make sure that you can find the perfect solution for any shaped room. With cabin beds its important to think outside the box and find a design you know they will love but it’s important to consider their age and the duration of the bed when you’re picking out a style. Toddlers Cabin beds are the ultimate bed solution for adventurous toddlers. Toddlers will get endless amounts of fun out of a cabin bed, especially if it incorporated a theme they love.  Many toddlers like to make dens and play with tents, slides and tunnels, for which the cabin bed is the perfect addition. We have a range of Cabin beds that have tents underneath the bed which are brilliant for developing imaginative playing and also provide a great place to store toys when they are not in use.  Primary...

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The truth about the lockdown with kids – Covid 19 Read More

The truth about the lockdown with kids – Covid 19

We’re all in this together. Nobody could have imagined the day when we wouldn’t be able to leave our homes, visit family and friends or even take the kids to the local play area. As much as we might all have great ideas for juggling homeschooling and working from home, here are the 5 things we’ve learnt from all of this.  Plan each day - yeah right  People say take 10 minutes to plan the next day and for a successful day. However, those people with genius ideas obviously don’t know your kids. Some days they wake up ready and raring to give everything a go and other days not so excited.  We can plan activities to keep them occupied, schedule in homeschooling and time at the park, but let’s face it, it never goes 100% to plan. If it works for other people then we’re incredibly jealous and would love to have a few tips. We can't become teachers overnight As much as we’d like to think we can educate our kids it is becoming impossible. We can’t homeschool our kids to the level they would at school and it is impossible to think that we could.  Whilst the kids are at home they...

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There’s a bunkbed for every kid Read More

There’s a bunkbed for every kid

Bunkbeds are fun and functional for your kid’s bedroom. As kids, we all wanted bunk beds in our bedroom as we saw them as a fun way to sleep and your kids think exactly the same.  The modern bunk bed is no longer a simple metal frame with 2 mattresses and a ladder. Modern bunk bed designs incorporate style, imagination and storage to maximise floor space and make your kids bedrooms fun. Think sleek modern lines and luxurious modern wood.  So, what are the important factors to consider when it comes to buying bunk beds for your kids? Safety First Like everything you buy, it is important to consider the safety of the bunkbed and the suitability for your child. Bunk beds are not recommended for toddlers, however, they could be the perfect solution for a toddler and an older sibling if the sibling sleeps on the top bunk.  It isn’t necessarily the safety of the bunk bed to consider as they have to meet strict British Safety Regulations, but whether or not the bunk bed is a suitable option for the age of your kids.  Functionality  Bunk beds come with so many solutions and designs that you will always find a suitable option for your...

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There’s more to bunk beds than space saving Read More

There’s more to bunk beds than space saving

Bunk beds are making a massive comeback and kids love them every bit as much as adults. The popularity of bunk beds is on the rise as we all realise there’s more to bunk beds than simply a space saving solution. Yes they are great at providing additional floorspace in kids bedrooms freeing up space for desks and storage solutions but there’s so many more benefits that you might not have thought about yet.  Bring out your child's creativity Bunk beds are fun. The additional vertical space allows kids to spark their imagination and turn the beds into pirate ships, castles, alien spaceships and a whole lot more. We even have the ultimate campervan bunk bed available which really will bring out their playful side. Bunk beds provide kids with their own place to play, use their imagination and most importantly sleep.  Kids often love the idea of sleeping on the top bunk too as it is exciting! Flexible There are so many design and layout solutions with a bunk bed. Whether you’re wanting 2 beds, space for wardrobes, desks, seating area or a pullout third bed, there are so many space saving solutions available.  If you’re looking for a bunk bed for the...

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Boys bedroom decor ideas Read More

Boys bedroom decor ideas

You want to create a bedroom your son will love but we know that coming up with ideas can be difficult. You don’t want to spend the next 5 years arguing over designs so it is important to come up with a style and colour scheme that you both agree on. It doesn’t have to be football themed or dark and scary, we’ve got lots of design ideas you’ll both love.  Be Age-Appropriate When designing a bedroom it's important to think about the age of your child now and their age in 5 years time. Maybe you’ve got an 8 year old now but in 5 years time he’ll be a teenager who’s tastes will change a lot.  Choose a few fun pieces but make sure it is in keeping with the rest of your home.  Choose a Cool Bed As the focal point of any bedroom it is important to pick a bed that works with the room as a whole. For younger boys they may love a feature bed such as a race car to channel their inner racer or a bunk bed with a fun combination of space underneath. Older boys may prefer a daybed to relax on rather than a...

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How to keep your kids room tidy Read More

How to keep your kids room tidy

We all know that keeping your child’s bedroom tidy can be difficult, especially if they’re pulling everything out to play with. However, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help keep their rooms tidy. Storage beds  A storage bed is a great investment especially if floorspace is a little bit of a squeeze. Whether it has deep spacious under bed draws or inbuilt shelving, there are a wide range of storage beds that work for any bedroom. You can help to keep your kids bedrooms tidy and maximise the space available for them to play. Plus, they keep the overall design and look of the bedroom fresh and clean.  The Parisot sleep storage daybed has 2 deep drawers that are great for storage and the inbuilt back shelving allows your child to display their treasures and keep them close at hand. Create a chores bowl  A chores bowl is as simple as it sounds. Write a bunch of chores that need to be done in their bedroom and they pick out a few nights a week and have to complete it before they go to bed.  These could range from making sure all clothes are picked up and put away to putting all...

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5 top tips to get your kids in bed on time Read More

5 top tips to get your kids in bed on time

Getting your kids to sleep on time can often be a difficult task especially if they are filled with energy after an exciting day. What works for one family might not work for another, but we know that it is important to share ideas so we’ve gathered together 5 top tips from parents that help get their kids in bed on time. We’ve definitely got something new for you to try!  Create a bedroom they love If your children have a space that they love then they will want to spend more time in it. It can often be worth revamping their bedrooms, whether that with a lick of paint in their favourite colour, new bed or bedding so that they want to spend time there.  Let your kids get involved in the process of selecting new items as this really helps them feel a sense of pride and ownership in their bedroom. A few new or revamped items in their bedroom can make a huge difference. Get into a consistent routine Creating a routine is important. Plan out a schedule of what needs to be done each night and how long each step takes to complete. Then work backwards from their bedtime...

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30% OFF SALE On Selected Childrens Beds Read More

30% OFF SALE On Selected Childrens Beds

Parisot Tam Tam White Bunk Bed One of Parisots most popular bunk beds, the Tam Tam Bunk Bed was an immediate hit from being launched and is still as popular a few years later.   Their bed structures are very heavy and extremely robust, made from high density particle board which is heat sealed and foil wrapped to produce a hard wearing and wipeable surface. The Tam Tam is finished in a clean white with reversible back panels for the back of the shelves, one side is pink and the other side is blue so you can mix and match as you choose.

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